Albion Basin Summer Formals

October 27, 2020

Albion Basin is one of the most popular spots in Utah to shoot, especially when the wildflowers are blooming. Because of this, the state requires that you have a permit in order to shoot there. Over the years there’s been a lot of destruction of the wildflowers so they had to implement the permits. What I like to do instead of going up Albion Basin, where it’s super crowded, is shoot right below Albion Basin at Snowbird. I scouted out this location a few hours before our scheduled shoot and it was perfect! I wanted that mountain overlook plus a few flowers. We had a little bit of a hike but it was so fun and worth it. Props to Morgan who literally hiked in her dress and shoes all the way to the top! I’m still majorly impressed. Check out Morgan and David’s cute engagements here!

Morgan + David (:



Im thankful for the blog article. Thanks Again. Cool. Gennifer Quentin Eversole