Antelope Island Fall Engagements

December 31, 2018

I’m not sure if it’s okay to admit this or not, but sometimes I get to a shoot and I’m just straight up spaced out. Well that was this shoot. I left the shoot and just thought, I have no idea how that turned out. And then I got home and started editing, and literally this is one of my favorite shoots of all time! I’ve now decided that when I space out, I shoot the best. I’m one of those people that over thinks, and I’m not just your average over thinker. I over think A LOT. Way way too much, and it has a huge effect on my photography. When I get those shoots where I’m just “out of it” and not really thinking too much, I become the best photographer I can be. I’m hoping to think less in 2019, as strange as that may sound.

Kamiel & Logan