Antelope Island Spring + Bugs Engagements

May 31, 2019

This is my brother and his CUTE now wife. I am seriously obsessed with her. I have two sisters and two brothers. All the girls in the family are married, and Brent is the first boy to get married. We have never had a sister-in-law before. I was always SO nervous about having a sister-in-law, but Jessica is literally PERFECT. I’m not kidding, I could not be more blessed. I’m so grateful for their love and that they let me take their engagements.

I should have done a little more research before we went to Antelope Island because when we got there there was a big sign reading, “Biting gnats have hatched.” And I wish I had taken that sign a little more seriously. We decided we would venture into the island anyway, no big deal right? Just a few bugs. NO we were literally eaten alive. There were so many gnats, it was puke worthy. By the time we drove in and out of the island, the entire front of my car was a blanket of gnats. I use the word blanket because it looked fuzzy! We couldn’t even scratch the service of getting the bugs off at a gas station, so we went to one of those self service car washes and had to use a power hose to get them all off. It was definitely a memory for the books.

You won’t see the bugs in the pictures because I edited them all out! No one wants that in their engagements, the Lightroom Spot Removal tool saved my butt. Regardless of all the bugs, the pictures turned out amazing and their love is perfect.



These pictures ARE AMAZING!!!!! Tressa you blow my mind!!!!!!! You are incredible.

LIZ you are the greatest human, thank you so much <3