Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagements

April 30, 2020

Meeting Kathleen & Kevin was one of the highlights of my winter. We met at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon and drove up to these two locations together for their engagements. I always try and drive with my clients beforehand so I can get to know them on the way before they pour out their hearts to me in front of the camera (: Kathleen and Kevin have a Hollywood love story! I freaked out when I heard it the first time. He’s a pilot, she’s a flight attendant, and they met at work! Aren’t they legit just the cutest couple ever?! I loved that they did a super formal outfit and a casual. They eloped a few weeks after this, so these were the only professional photos they wanted, and I am so honored that they chose me to capture it!

Kathleen + Kevin <3