Cold Spring Fields in Utah

May 3, 2019

The reason this blog it titled “Cold Spring” is because this Spring in Utah has been different than past years! It’s been this beautiful, perfect weather for a few weeks now. It’s cold enough to refrigerate the blossoms, so the blossoms have lasted twice as long. Usually by the beginning of May it’s burning hot and you already don’t really want to go outside. But it’s just started to warm up.

These pictures were taken at the very beginning of April, so it wasn’t winter anymore, but it wasn’t completely spring either. I am seriously so grateful for Kaci and Austin. Kaci is a photographer as well, and she’s a baller! It’s always an honor to take photos of another photographer. In the summers Kaci and I see each other a lot to discuss photo things and life.

Check out Kaci’s work here, and enjoy seeing their cute puppy family.