Double Exposure Portrait Practice

June 11, 2020

Something I love about photography is that there are always new ways to push yourself creatively and technically. Double exposures have always been a favorite of mine. It adds softness and interest to each photograph. Plus every double exposure is always unique!

I’ve done double exposures on film, but doing it digitally feels a little different. When I shoot digitally, I’m almost always shooting for clients. Since I wasn’t well versed with how to do double exposures, when I tried to do them during shoots it just wasn’t the right environment to experiment in. It had been on my list for a long time to practice double exposures enough so I would feel comfortable AND confident enough to incorporate them into my client shoots. So I decided to do an entire portrait session dedicated just to double exposures.

I did lots of research beforehand, learning how to execute it in my specific camera, the Canon 5D Mark IV. This video really helped me get a grasp on the technicalities of doing it in camera. Luckily this camera¬†has a feature of double exposing on the spot in your camera which makes it so much easier (it’s one of my favorite features of the Mark IV).

My friend Lauren volunteered to sit for me as I practiced double exposures. She was so kind and collaborative as I experimented with this new (to me) technique. All I used was a black backdrop and some flowers I had leftover from a bouquet I had. I shot these in my apartment with natural light and absolutely adored how they turned out.

I hope you enjoy them too <3