Fall Daylight Family Session

December 20, 2018

I’ve been taking the Middleton’s family pictures for the last four years. Allie was my first client ever! When their oldest son was one, Allie asked me if I would take pictures of them for their Christmas card, and she wanted to pay me! It’d be an understatement to say I was shook.

I had never been paid for my photography and was beyond nervous to take their pictures. The nerves took over and I pretty much forgot how to shoot in manual. I was so focused on getting the exposure right, that I didn’t realize my shutter speed was 1/30 of a second the whole shoot. I went to edit the photos and they were all blurry, I called Allie and we had to redo the shoot. It was super embarrassing, thank goodness I haven’t made that mistake again. And double thank goodness that Allie had faith in me and has continued to hire me. She had faith in me before I did.