Great Salt Lake Anniversary Session

September 26, 2018

Alexa + Taylor are a videographer photographer married team! Every time I take pictures of another creative I feel honored but also pressure. When you’re a photographer, I feel like you’re more picky about who takes your pictures! Luckily they absolutely loved the images afterwards. They even printed 5 of them on canvas for their cute house! I’m so grateful to have met Alexa and Taylor through social media. We really connected and just had a good time at the Great Salt Lake. They willingly hopped into the lake joyfully! The Great Salt Lake is weird cause once you get your clothes wet, the water is so salty that as your clothes dry they get crunchy. All 4 of us (including the dog) got a little wet, but it was totally worth it. Seriously, these two were such a joy to hang out with, and we have future plans to hang out and take some nighttime pics of the stars in October!




oh my goodness what a gorgeous salt lake anniversary session! They are literally the cutest ever!