Harsh Light Fall Bridals

November 25, 2018

Every time I get a bride and a groom who book me for engagements, bridals, and their wedding day, I get so happy because I know we’re going to become really close! Once we do engagements, and then I see a couple for bridals, I get so excited. It’s like seeing someone you haven’t seen in a really long time. Then once bridals are over, we both look at each other and say, “Ah! The next time we see each other you’ll be married!” I love being a part of something so big and life changing.

If you want to check out Lauren and Jake’s engagements, click here. Jake does motocross and had to get pics of him and Lauren in their wedding attire with his motorcycle. I was worried about Lauren’s dress, but Lauren was fearless. My favorite bride is one who isn’t afraid to get dirty. Lauren owned it all. Your dress is going to get dirty during bridals, so you might as well embrace it. I’m not a sports photographer, so when I was taking pictures of them driving around on the bike, I was surprised how hard it was! I think he literally drove in circles for 15 minutes to get the few good shots I posted below. It was so fun to do something different and personal to the bride and groom.

Enjoy their fun bridals, taken at the Great Saltair in Utah.