Little Cottonwood Canyon Engagements

October 16, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about blog posting and why I do it. Sometimes I feel like all I care about is instagram and that no one looks at my website. Why do I spend so much time making these blog posts, writing the snippets before hand, and hand picking my faves from a shoot just for this. I do it because I love show casing one couple’s love in one page. With instagram everything gets blurred together. I don’t ever get to post every picture I really want to and as a viewer you don’t get the full experience of a gallery. I’m stoked to hopefully post on my blog and to write more meaningful words beforehand!

Lauren is one of my sister’s good friends from middle school. I remember when she would come over and hang out with my sis and I always thought they were super cool. Now Lauren is getting married to lovely Jake and when she asked me to shoot her wedding I was like….wait I’m only 12? I felt like I was just this tiny little girl again having my sister’s friend trust me with her wedding day!! When the four of us went to dinner after this shoot (to Chili’s obviously), I seriously felt like they were my friends and we were the same age. It’s funny how age dynamics change as you get older. Cheers to becoming friends with people older than you *clink*.


Lauren + Jake