Salt Lake City Tattoo Artist

November 15, 2019

Kate was one of the first people to be friends with me when I moved to Utah in 2nd grade. She is now an amazing Tattoo Artist, goes by the artist name Venomiss, in Salt Lake City at the parlor Tooth and Nail. I’ve known her with zero tattoos, and I know her now with over fifty! She is not only an amazing tattoo artist, but the kindest person you will ever meet. If you’re in Salt Lake City and need a tattoo, maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your twentieth, go. To. Kate.

I’ve always been so intimidated by tattoo artists and parlors. But when I stepped into this parlor with bare arms, they welcomed me and were incredibly kind. It honestly felt like home. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time, and the time has finally come! Kate is tattooing me next week and I’m so excited!

I am incredibly honored that I was able to photograph Kate tattooing her mom in August. It was such a cool experience for me since I have never even been inside a tattoo parlor, and to see the entire process was way different than I was expecting. Tattooing really is an art. I have a way deeper appreciation for it now.


Click here for Kate’s instagram! Let me know if you end up going to her, she’s amazing (:


I got my tattoo last night! It was 100x less painful than I had imagined. I was so nervous and Kate as was gentle and patient with me. I laid on the table for a solid 10 minutes before I gave her the okay to start. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to go through with it, but I’m so proud of myself! Zack held my hand the whole time, talked to me, and showed me videos of my little nephew to distract from the pain. I’m so happy with how it turned out, Kate is one of a kind <3