San Francisco Engagements

May 14, 2020

Sheiva & Ryan reached out to me over a year ago and I couldn’t believe their wedding day was actually here! We had FaceTimed multiple times, and I got to meet up with Sheiva one time while I was visiting California. We had the best coffee date in the beautiful California December weather.

Their wedding took place just outside of San Francisco in Berkley. My favorite thing about out of state weddings is just the exploring I get to do the few days before! I always bring Zack with me and we just drive around, listening to music, and relaxing before the big day. I was able to attend their rehearsal the day before and thought it’d be fun to snap some pics <3 Then we headed off to do a little day before wedding shoot!

I can’t wait to share their wedding day soon! You’ll die once you see Sheiva’s dress.