Spring Time Great Saltair Engagements

September 16, 2020

These images are just the beginning of my little journey with Becca & Kaleb. I’m so honored that I was able to take these plus their formals and be a part of their small intimate COVID-19 friendly ceremony in August. We had so much fun at The Great Saltair, if you’ve never been it’s just a short 20 minute drive from Salt Lake City. I love shooting engagements here because you can wear any color you want and it looks amazing! Becca’s red dress created the perfect contrast with the simple background.

I was extra excited when Becca told me they wanted to get into the water to end the session. I love when couples are willing to do something a little more adventurous and out of the norm. Scroll to the bottom to see how they turned (hint: they were beautiful).

Becca + Kaleb