Taking Pictures in Your Framed House

March 31, 2020

My good friend Breea (@tellthebirds) texted me last minute and asked if we could take pictures in their framed house. Ever since they started on their home, the construction workers have been moving so fast! Everything was going up way quicker than they were expecting so we had to shoot in the next few days if we wanted it to just be the frame. It was seriously a shoot I will never forget! It was so unique and fun, and honestly everyone needs to do this when they build a home. Taking pictures in the frame of your house is literally once in a lifetime, until you build your second home!

Give Breea and Cody a follow on their YouTube Channel and their instagram account @tellthebirdshome if you want to see more updates on their house. Their walls and doors just went up and it’s so freaking cool to see the whole process.