Utah Backyard Portraits

August 2, 2020

Back in March I was really in a creative rut. I just felt the need to shoot something low key, easy, and for myself. Lacee and I got together and took these fun pictures in my sister’s backyard! I also teamed up with @thrifthood (an amazing thrift shop in Provo), they provided the rad black & yellow wind breaker.

I’ve been wanting to practice shooting in harsh light, then I brought this black paper backdrop + my crappy backdrop stand I got for $30 from Amazon. I’ve never shot with a paper back drop outside and I didn’t realize that I was making a sail and the wind would take it out within seconds. We moved the backdrop to three different spots before we found the best spot where it wasn’t too windy (thank you to Lacee who was so kind as I experimented).

Lacee (@laceewendel) also owns the cutest little kids boutique, @cutiebumco. xoxo