Utah Fall Rolling Hills Anniversary Session

November 7, 2019

I know I say this all the time, but anniversary sessions are so underrated! Everyone needs to have their anniversary pictures taken at least every other year, if not every year. I loved spending time with Claire and Caleb in this gorgeous yellow field. The rolling hills and the way the sun hits that grass makes me so happy to live in gorgeous Utah.

There’s something about this first image of the gallery that really draws me in. It feels more like a painting than a photograph. I’ve been staring at it for a long time and I honestly think the magic in that image is the exact movement of Claire’s dress. It has that extra piece of elegance that you would never be able to see with your eye, only a photograph or painting could capture the way the fabric moves.

Enjoy these cuties running around in half summer half fall outfits <3

Claire & Caleb