Utah Mountain Sunset Fall Anniversary

January 1, 2020

Last year Kelsie asked me to take pictures of her and her family in their new home. This year we did something different and shot outdoors in the Utah mountains! It’s so fun to be able to take pictures of a couple on multiple occasions over time. First, it’s a complete honor for me to have returning clients. Second, it’s just fun to see how they grow and change over time. Third, we skip all the awkwardness and dive straight into the good stuff!

These two are so goofy and cute, it’s one of my favorite sessions TO DATE. This was one of those days where I walked out of the car and thought, this is going to be a freaking good session. The fall sunset lighting at the end was WILDLY gorgeous, you need to scroll to see it!

Check out their cute home and pups here from their shoot last year 🙂