Why You Need Disneyland Pictures Taken

February 6, 2020

Disneyland has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up going to Disneyland. My family loves Disney. My extended family loves Disney. I think it’s in our blood. Once I became a photographer, I loved the idea of taking couple’s pictures in Disneyland! I have been wanting to do it since I started, but the stars didn’t align for a few years. Well, I am THRILLED to announce the stars aligned in December 2019! Zack and I were able to meet up with our cute friends Taylor & Alexa and make some freaking magic.

Now to get to the good stuff, why do you need your pictures taken in Disneyland? The paragraph long wait is over, I’m going to tell you.

Couple in front of Disneyland Castle at Christmas
Taylor and Alexa just happen to also be photographers (check out their work here), so I had them snap a few photos of Zack and I as well. This is us <3

A Meaningful Reason: To capture this moment

Guys, this is so cliche, but there has never been truer words. You can only live in each moment once. Once is all we get. Whatever season of life you’re in, live it, enjoy it, and capture it. Zack and I don’t have kids yet, but we hopefully will one day. Going to Disneyland just the two of us is a time I will never forget. Every Disney experience is different and I want to remember all of it <3

Right before this December trip, my entire family of 15 went to Disneyland at Thanksgiving. It was entirely different than any other Disney trip I had been on, but it was wonderful. We weren’t running ride to ride because we had small children, we didn’t wait in the lines that were over an hour, we had to be flexible. I took lots of photos on my phone as well as a disposable camera, I don’t want to forget the beautiful chaos.

A Financial Reason: I have Disneyland pictures exclusive pricing!

That. Is. Right. Nothing brings me more happiness than giving you guys an amazing deal on my photography services. Because of my love for Disneyland, I of course have a season pass and go regularly. I post the dates I’m going on Instagram in my Highlight Stories. If I haven’t posted that I’ll be there a date that you’re going to be there, DM me and let me know! I wait to see what days are most requested and plan my trips around you guys (:

When I was thinking about releasing special pricing for Disneyland, my main concerns were time and money. You’re in Disneyland to spend time in the park, plus you spend so much money to get there plus to get into the park. So I came up with…



20 + images

15 minutes

1 location anywhere in either park (book more than one for multiple locations!)

I don’t offer this price anywhere else but Disneyland! This way, you don’t have to spend your precious park time doing an hour session, you can just do a super quick, cute session at your favorite spot and be on your way. If you have two favorite spots, book two! I’m so excited about these–I literally want another photographer to do this for me! That’s how excited I am about this!! It’s short and sweet. What could be better? (maybe a Mickey pretzel)


A Magical Reason: You don’t need a reason to get your Disneyland pictures taken

Whenever I tell people, “You never need a reason to have professional pictures taken of you and your love” people say, “you’re right!” Whether you’ve never had professional pictures taken of you or you just got married, this experience will be unique <3 These are all about capturing you just having fun on a normal day. You’re not going to sending these pictures in the mail to hundreds of people (wedding announcement), maybe you just post it on instagram and you have 1,000 followers. It does not matter! These pictures are for you! Enjoy this moment, enjoy this experience to its fullest.

How to Book!

If you’re ready to book, click here and fill out a contact form and I will get back to you within 48 hours! If you have any more questions about taking pictures in Disneyland, don’t hesitate to email me at hello@tressawixom.com I am always happy to answer any questions you might have <3