Winter Provo Canyon Engagements

March 7, 2020

Winter shoots can be hard because it is so freaking cold, for me and for the couple. Karly & Taylour made it feel like summer we were having such a good time shooting in the snow filled Provo Canyon! They were so freaking cute, not caring that their shoes were full of snow or that their fingers were literally freezing. My favorite pics from this session are the ones we took on their old car. We had kind of joked earlier how it’s literally impossible to find somewhere to make out when you’re engaged because you usually have at least 4 roommates. So where do we all end up going? Our cars <3 I then laughingly told them that I miss the days of making out in the car. Zack and I may or may not have made out in our car that night just to feel young again.

Grab a blanket and enjoy!